Should an entity be allowed to use National Emblems or Names for commercial purposes? Understanding the law in light of the petition seeking a title change in actor Salman Khan’s movie ‘Bharat’

Every nation has certain emblems and names that are sacrosanct to it. These emblems and names hold a very sacred position in the hearts of the citizens, as they may be reflective of the nation’s independence struggle, its unique identity, its heroes or other nationalistic/patriotic feelings. Tampering or misusing such emblems or names is prohibited... Continue Reading →

Should I wear my patriotism on my sleeve? Analyzing the Law on Sedition in India and the demand for its strict enforcement

[Picture Credits: Aseem Trivedi] The article was republished by Live Law on 02.06.2019 One’s patriotism and feelings of nationalism have always been a personal sentiment. One need not show their love for the country by explicit gestures as long as the sentiment is genuine from within. Recent times in India show otherwise, as the citizens... Continue Reading →

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